Madaen Law, Inc., a Professional Law Corporation, can assist you with receiving or disbursing commissions, or funds from business transactions.

Our Law Firm acts as a neutral third-party to make sure that your monies are safely and securely disbursed. With a Paymaster account, your funds will be distributed securely and swiftly, according to the exact terms of your instructions and the fee agreement.

That way, you concentrate on your business rather than worry about the reliability of the distribution of your funds.

Banks in the USA impose strict compliance required by the US Patriot Act (2001) before allowing large transactions to occur. Our trust account with any one of the major banking institutions could facilitate your funds.

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Madaen Law, Inc. a Professional Law Corporation Professional Law Corporation

Madaen Law, Inc. is dedicated to provide paymaster service to individuals and businesses locally and internationally.

Madaen Law, Inc. Access to your account online Online Accounting Access

We provide a remote accounting of all your transactions through our trust account for your convenience. Our goal is to provide smooth and secure Paymaster and Escrow services for your business trades and transactions .

Madaen Law, Inc. Deposit your money into the Attorney Client trust account Secure Trust Account

The attorney client trust account (or “IOLTA” account) provides extra protection for your commissions, since it is monitored by the state bar association.

We can provide legal advice for your business Provide Legal Services

We provide legal advice for your business and your transactions if there is no conflict of interest.

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Immigration Investment

Immigration Investment

Immigration Investment allows individuals to immigrate to the USA for a specific reason or purpose. Like this one: View project

Gold Transaction

Gold Transacitons

We provide legal advice for your business and your transactions if there is no conflict of interest exist. Like this one: View project

We provide Paymaster services for your currency transactions

Currency Transactions:

If you conduct the conversion of large amounts of currency, you might need our service. View project

If you conduct business with oil exporters or facilitate the distribution of millions of barrels of oil, you need an Attorney Paymaster Service to disburse the monies to all parties according to your signed agreement.

Oil and Petroleum Transactions:

Oil transactions tend to be of high volume which makes for a high quantity of monies. View project