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Question 1: What is an Attorney Paymaster, and what services does he provide?

An attorney paymaster service is a neutral third party, that providse a secure alternative in your business transactions in a wide range of domestic and international transactions. When dealing with large trade transactions, including large commissions, the parties need the added level of protection that a lawyer paymaster service can provide. Unlike other types of escrow services, Attorney Paymaster services are operated by licensed lawyers who are in the USA, and subject to additional regulatory requirements and professional discipline.

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Question 2: Could an Attorney Paymaster be involved in any transaction?

No, as mentioned before, the Attorney Paymaster is a neutral third party and is never directly involved with the associated transactions. We don’t have a direct access to the details, and we cannot change the terms of the contract.

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Question 3: Can the Attorney Paymaster disclose the terms of your contract?

No, your information and the terms of the contract are confidential and there won’t be any disclosure without your written authorization. We won't disclose your information to anybody.

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Question 4: HHow can I be sure you receive the wired funds?

After the funds are received in our Trust account, we will post it to your account which you can access on line. You cannot call our bank to verify the transaction(s) because all of our transactions are CONFIDENTIAL, and the bank's employees are NOT permitted to discuss any details of the transactions or the account. The only person authorized to have access to that information is the Attorney Paymaster.

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Question 5: What do you do after receiving funds?

We will contact you and any other person or entities involved in the transaction to transfer the funds according to your contract and your instructions. Also you can check your account with us online to give you an accounting of your money and any updates.

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Question 6: How fast you send the money after the deal is closed?

We try to send it on the same day if possible or next business day. Also, sometimes for large amounts. the bank may impose a delay to verify the origin and the payee of the transactions.

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Question 7: What other services you provide?

We are a law firm, and we provide all sort of legal services. However as an Attorney Paymaster we are bound to be a neutral third-party who distributes commissions safely and securely, and most importantly we cannot interfere in your transaction. So, you can ask us for any legal advice expect about the detail information of the transaction we are conducting

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Question 8: When should I retain an Attorney Paymaster?

As soon as you know you have a transaction which has to disburse money. To make sure your transactions go smoothly, you should hire us as soon as you are certain the transaction is going through. If you are investing in a project as investor or in an immigration project, then you should contact us immediately, so we can provide legal services such as preparing an investment contractor purchase agreement to make the transaction secure and smooth.

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Question 9: What documents do I need to finalize the transaction?

We'll need a copy of the transaction agreement or contract. Also, you should sign and send us a fee agreement. For U.S. residents involved in the transaction, we need a W-9 form, and we'll give you an IRS form W-8BEN for each recipient outside the U.S. Also we need a copy of your Master Fee Agreement, showing the source of the funds. Banks, these days, are very nervous/suspicious about large money transfers, so being able to satisfy their concerns is paramount for a seamless transaction.

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Question 10: Do you withhold taxes?

No. and also we don’t report your payments to the IRS for compliance purposes. You are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes. But, if you so desire, we can open another account for your tax purposes, and deposit any amount into that account.

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Question 11: Do you accept fund via cash, check or money order?

We only accept funds via Federal Wire Transfers (SWIFT), for banking compliance purposes. We do not accept checks, money order, or cash. We only disburse the money through Federal Wire Transfers.

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