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Learned about the Paymaster and Escrow Services

An attorney paymaster service is a neutral third party, that providse a secure alternative in your business transactions in a wide range of domestic and international transactions. When dealing with large trade transactions, including large commissions, the parties need the added level of protection that a lawyer paymaster service can provide. Unlike other types of escrow services, Attorney Paymaster services are operated by licensed lawyers who are in the USA, and subject to additional regulatory requirements and professional disciplines.

Attorney Paymaster receives funds from a buyer in any transaction between two separate individuals or businesses. The Paymaster keeps the money in an IOLTA account until the contract’s conditions, such as the delivery of the goods and services to the buyer, has been done. The Attorney Paymaster then releases the money to the seller.

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Bahram Madaen, Esq.

Paymaster and Esrow Attorney

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Madaen Law, Inc., a Professional Law Corporation, can assist you with receiving or disbursing commissions, or funds from business transactions.

Our Law Firm acts as a neutral third-party to make sure that your monies are safely and securely disbursed. With a Paymaster account, your funds will be distributed securely and swiftly, according to the exact terms of your instructions and the fee agreement.

This way, you concentrate on your business rather than worry about the reliability of the distribution of your funds. Banks in the USA impose strict compliance required by the US Patriot Act (2001) before allowing large transactions to occur. Our trust account with any one of the major banking institutions could facilitate your funds.

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