Bitcoin Transactions Paymaster Services for Bitcoin Transactions Have you started trading in bitcoin and now looking for a reliable partner to receive payments on your behalf? Madaen Law, Inc is here to assist you in conducting transactions on your behalf. Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency and its mining is taking place all over the world. Bitcoin trading involves millions of dollars. Receiving commissions and funds domestically or globally through a bank is a risky business. Choose us as a neutral third-party and trusted partner for receiving funds on your behalf. We ensure secure processing of transactions. We also carry the burden of disbursing the commission among all beneficiaries involved. All transactions go smoothly and we offer guarantee for that. All funds are securely deposited into our trust account which is an IOLTA account. This offers an additional layer of protection to your commissions. At Madaen Law, Inc, we ensure all transactions are completed in compliance with the government regulations. Unlike a traditional bank, funds in our trust accounts are not held or investigated. The funds stay in escrow before the transaction is completed. Your funds won’t get stolen or lost during the process. We are here to ensure all funds are received and disbursed smoothly and securely. DETAILS Fees: Greater of 1.25% or $5000 for escrow or Paymaster Services. Other fees: $250 per hour for negotiating and drafting Contract. Bitcoin Transaction: Fee Contract Required Documents We request our clients to prepare the following documents before contacting us: Contract: Copy of the contract, agreement, or instructions as to the disbursement of the money, Paymaster agreement: Please download and read a copy of the contract Identity: Proof of your identity. A copy of your driver’s license or passport, IRS Form: US Citizens and Residents need to complete IRS form W-9. IRS Form: Non-US Citizens and Residents need to complete IRS form W-8(BEN).
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